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No! New people are not allowed!
I dislike Season 9 of Stargate. Some random dude is not allowed to just get to lead SG1 for no reason, SG1 is most certainly not allowed to be made up of new people because the team have all left/been reassigned, Daniel is not allowed to have an awful beard, and that Vala chick is especially not allowed to join the team. No. What the hell happened there?

While talking to shadow_hive about icons yesterday, I thought it a good idea to re-post this meme...saves you all thinking of icons to request =D

1) Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and make you an icon.
2) You have no say in what I make.
3) Put this in your journal so I can do the same. (tho thats optional lol!)

Oh thats wonderful.
First Tom's old guitar went on Ebay. Now, Danny's guitar form the '5 COlours In Her Hair' video is up for auction. *watches closely*

oh dear
there are SOD album launch party tickets on ebay...

Arh! How come EVERYONE except me can get launch tickets? *rolls eyes*

a paypal question
anyone know how to verify my paypal address? Everyone's telling me it does it automatically, but mine's not done it yet and I've had it nigh on a year. Suggestions?

*pokes f'list*
wakey wakey!!!

today is a good day...
...actually the past few days have been good:
~ loan has come thru
~ I've changed my degree to Religious Studies
~ found out that all the RS courses I really wanted to do but was told weren't available have been put back on so I can do them in year 3
~ I've been to the charity shop on campus ;)
~ we have a phone line in our house
~ the internet is almost up and running (I'm on a Uni computer atm)
~ my brother phoned and told me he's taped all the I-Man eps that I've missed and managed to get Vincent's other Friends ep off Channel 4
~ I found Stargate series boxsets in HMV on sale at £29.99
~ I have icons back!!! *hugs linz_lou* *bounces at her new shiny paid account* :D
~ I've made a lovely new I-Man LJ background on my house computer...*waits impatiently to upload it*

that is all, I think.

In other news, I'm heading back over to Belfast tonight to see my surgon tomorrow afternoon, which is kinda playing on my mind because I really don't want him to tell me there's nothing else they can do, on top of which my throat is in lots of pain right now, but I'm hoping thats just from the cold that has been going round everyone in the house.

I'm going to see the Lone Gunmen at London Expo this weekend with will be great, moromir are you still going Saturday?

I love Greg from CSI ;)
*randomI-ManSQUEE* :D

And I will eventually get around to writing up C6 when I can scan my one and only photo from the entire thing LMAO! Well thats not true, I've already scanned it, I just can't get it online :p

*is off to her Philosophy of Religion lecture*

I just noticed my icons are gone again! *cries* I want a Stargate one...

today is day of non-LOTR squee!

linz_lou is watching Vincent's shirt for me, it finishes in like 2 hours...EEP!!! In other Ebay news, I have found the entire series of 'Prey' (in which Vince has cool long-ish hair lol) on VCD...VCD's play on any computer right? They're not region formatted are they? A very important universal question that is plaguing my mind. *PREY-SQUEE!!!*

I was at Pulsar, Lancaster Uni's resident Sci-Fi etc society yesterday...we watched the pilot ep of 'Stargate: Atlantis' and I squeed very loudly when Daniel made guest appearence :p Jack was in there too, he's a General now, don't you know. Also Robert Patrick of X Files and Faculty fame was in there for a while, being a bastard as usual, but he's very cool and hit on Raven when we saw him at Expo LMAO! :D

Also at Pulsar, or as Nomes has dubbed it, Laser, we watched 'Eternal Sunshine'...good film, I liked it and Jim Carrey was ace...Elijah just giggled...LOL! And 'Troy' is showing in the Film Society soon...I may go see it if I can be bothered and can scrape togethe then money ;)

In other news, my hair has for some reason become abnormally long in the past few days, I'm changing my degree AGAIN, and my loan still isn't here, meaning they've skrewed it up for the second year running. Go them.

Hope you're all well :)
<3 Pip xx

*loves linz_lou
Lindsey found a signed shirt that Vincent wore for a TV Guide photoshoot on Ebay...

I want it

*stares at it and plots*
I see they're selling Dom's tank top too...$307? Ouch!

In other news, I'm on a Uni computer because we haven't got the net in the house yet...the house is pretty nice actually, for student dogs, and I have the best room ever lol! And unsurprisingly, the student loans company are skrewing me around AGAIN this year, fantastic.

No other earthshattering news, other than I have sorted out the stuff with my department heads with the whole voice thing and it looks like they're going to arrange a one to one with the tutor for me, and I'm seeing a councellor on a Wednesday now which is good and helpful if a little difficult. Scar is healing up quite nicely, tho still sore and voice is still really stressing me out but not alot I can do :(

that's todays news :)
<3 Pip xx


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